About Axepto

The main aim of Axepto Company is to streamline the process of delivery of customer documents through a biometric platform for signing on the tablet. It combines many years of know-how that has been invested in the development of solutions by founders and partners of the company. The solution is developed on the basis of the world’s award-winning solutions SIGNATUS (by ANASOFT APR spol. s r.o.) that have been adapted to the needs of modern-day courier and B2C companies.

Our story

Our story began in the autumn of 2014. It took our idea – Point of delivery signature – as one of the business ideas that needed to be explored and developed. The solution has been rumoured for several months in Slovakia. No one wanted to invest in the development and hardware at first. We decided to validate the idea of transactional delivery. We went through the process of acceleration of thoughts and obtained resources for application development and transaction server. Today, the solution is ready and our first clients are preparing to use it.

Our vision

Axepto aims to be the leader for transaction delivery of electronic documents. After launching platform on the European markets, Axepto is going to expand the service not only geographically, but also with the range of its services. We consider it important to offer such solutions, which with the help of our SaaS technologies are going to contribute of electronization of courier services for the B2C segment.


Axepto team is composed of people with experience in IT sales, IT development, consulting, business development and marketing.

Member 2
Matej Šesták


Member 1
Peter Nízl



Axepto platform success is possible thanks to our partners