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Could collecting digital signatures provide a new revenue stream for posts?

Matej Šesták, CEO of Axepto

An inside look at the opportunities that new EU legislation presents in enabling posts to generate additional revenue by collecting digital signatures from customers.

Postal operators have accepted the fact that the decline of mail services is irreversible. The digital world is more accessible, efficient, convenient, and paper is lagging behind. The question now is how quickly will mail volumes continue to fall and is there anything that can offset losses? . . .

E-signature is no longer only for Big Boys

Tomáš Klimeš, Product Sales Manager ANASOFT (associate of AXEPTO)

Small and medium size companies can also have their customers digitally sign contracts, handover protocols, bills of delivery and certificates of revision and service and thus expedite processes and reduce paperwork.

Everyone who occasionally visits the branch of a bank or mobile telephone operator has signed on a small signature pad which serves for the recording of specimen signatures for concluding contracts or verifying signatures when confirming transactions. . . .